Episode: 26

The Rev. Sally Knuckles shares her powerful story with Dr. Sandra Marie that started her on a painful path that led to an amazing spiritual journey and her dedication to a life of service to others.

“My brother’s suicide actually led to my greatest accomplishment'”. Rev. Sally opens up to discuss how mental illness impacted her family and influenced her brother’s suicide at 24 years of age, after graduating from college. She shares her personal devastation from the event, and how reconnecting with her brother through a medium changed her life putting her on a spiritual path.

Rev. Sally explains to Dr. Sandra what bridging from organized/traditional religions to metaphysical practices looks like and some experiences. She shares some stories of visitors to a shop she had that sold religious and metaphysical items and their confusion and reactions.

Dr. Sandra and Rev. Sally discuss love, kindness, and how to spiritually navigate your life, and manage during the intense current events occurring around the world.

Bio: Rev. Knuckles is a Past Life Therapist, Hypnosis for Behavior Modification,
Medium/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coach and Metaphysical Counselor. She is
an ordained Metaphysical minister and is known for her work in Universal
Laws and Quantum Metaphysics.

Rev Sally is the facilitator and co originator of Spiritual Activism Group, a
free weekly Zoom session featuring metaphysical speakers from all over
the world sharing how we all can create peace and freedom for our self and
through that, create freedom and peace for the world.


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