Episode 13

Episode 13

Dr. Sandra Marie brings Julie Baldino a certified crystal specialist to the show. Julie has become a bit of a “go-to” person on the subject of crystals. Her relationship with crystals started as a child and she engaged the crystals using her intuitive sense to holistically address addiction to alcohol, depression, and burnout.

Julie talks about unintentionally going viral on tik tok performing a healing session after some Divine guidance and shares her in-depth knowledge on the uses of crystals while providing resources for the listeners.

Julie discusses being a full-time real estate broker and incorporating crystals in her brokerage activities to improve energy (and sales prices) in clients’ spaces.


Bio: Julie Baldino is a real estate brokerage owner and certified crystal practitioner in the Pacific Northwest. Her journey into the crystal world started with a fascination for finding agates on the Oregon Coast as a child, then grew as a young adult when seeking holistic support to overcome addiction to alcohol, depression, and burnout. Soon after, crystals were incorporated into her brokerage activities to improve the energy (and sales price) in clients’ spaces. After seeing firsthand how nature’s powerhouses could heal mind, body, soul, and space, Julie pursued multiple certifications to practice intensive crystal layouts in homes and on the body and went viral on TikTok performing healing a session. Her crystal healing business, Ritual Room, is located in Vancouver, WA, and specializes in moving blocked/stuck energy that causes stress, pain, insomnia, and illness (in the body or home). Julie is available on a limited basis (still a full-time broker) for individual and group healing sessions, teaching and speaking engagements, as well as whole home or office gridding projects. Additional information about her practice and services provided can be found at RitualRoom.net or 360-910-3586.

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