Episode: 15

Join Dr. Sandra Marie for Part 2 of her enlightening conversation with Mary and Anthony from The Positive Pineapple.

Anthony, a shaman, who is a fourth-level Paqo which is based in Ancient Peruvian culture, continues the conversation on the benefits and effects of cold immersion on stress and healing from episode 1. He touches on the quantum, physics proving mysticism, CERN, frequencies of reality, and ascension symptoms. Mary goes in-depth on a discussion on anxiety, and awakening. She shares the loneliness that can accompany awakening and The Positive Pineapple is present to “be there” and support people as they go through awakening. They provide tools like breathwork to manage anxiety and stress.

The Positive Pineapple Bio: Through our own life-threatening health conditions we managed to find alternative ways to heal our mind, body, and soul. With the number of amazing changes that have been made we are now looking to help others benefit from these same life-altering experiences. Our breathwork and healing journey has evolved to include many new techniques that focus on the use of breathing exercises and quantum energy healing as a means of therapy and self-healing. Breathwork is more than an exercise of breathing correctly or with intent. Breathing techniques are tools for major transformation and healing. Breathwork and Quantum Energy Healing encompass a broad range of whole-being therapeutic practices and exercises used to relieve mental, physical, and/or emotional tension. It’s also great at creating confidence, mind clarity, and self-love. We are committed to spreading positivity, health, and mindfulness globally. If you are interested in learning more about how to transform your life we are here to help guide you towards your next chapter in this journey.

Our virtual healing sessions are helping people heal anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and much more all while connecting you on a much deeper level to your own energy and teaching you how to be your own healer. We all have the capability to heal ourselves. We’ll guide you to your capability through the power of your breath.




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