Episode: 24

Join Dr. Sandra Marie for this lively conversation with intuitive medium, Victoria Shaw. The two met on a trip to Egypt in 2019. The magical, mystical events of the trip are weaved through the conversation with each sharing how the experiences were life changing. Victoria ends the show with an expected channeling from the goddess Isis.

Victoria shares some of her personal spiritual journey feeling like she has lived two lives, one before she awakened and her current life. She talks about her professional and personal life that has led her to sharing her gifts through intuitive counseling, teaching spiritual development courses, a podcast, and most recently opening Cactus Blossom a spiritual retreat center.

The conversation remains genuine and fun with Victoria sharing insights and aha moments.

:  Bio: Victoria Shaw, PhD, LPC, incorporates her psychology and counseling background with her intuitive and mediumship skills to work with clients through coaching, providing educational tools and formats, and offering retreats to support people on their unique journeys of  healing, growth, transformation, and spiritual awakening.


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