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Dr. Sandra Marie is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Energy Worker, teacher, and nurse. She also hosts the Happy Hour for the Spiritually Curious Podcast which has listeners across the U.S. and in many countries covering the globe. Dr. Sandra Marie founded Wild Soul Gatherings to support the growing population curious about spirituality, and those looking to tune out the noise of the world and reconnect with their true self.

“The old rules no longer apply!”

Do you feel stuck or unsure these days?

Do YOU feel the questions outnumber the answers?

The time to UNLEASH YOUR Wild Soul is NOW!

Welcome to YOUR New Tribe!!

Rediscover YOURSELF, and Embrace Possibilities!

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Our Current Wild Soul Happenings

Join us for our upcoming virtual Spiritual Summit: EMBRACING YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF!

Join Dr. Sandra Marie and friends for our FREE Virtual Spiritual Summit starting Thursday July 27th and running through Sunday July 30th. 

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Retreats Coming 2023

Are You Ready to Tune Out All The Noise In Your Life And Reconnect With Yourself?

Visit Wild Spirit Farms and join the Wild Soul Gatherings team for some peace, relaxation and heart-centered events!

Experience amazing night skies that takes star gazing to a new level, enjoy a colorful sunrise,  meditations, sunsets, nightly fires, moon ceremonies, and allow nature to feed your soul, in addition to your schedule event topic.

The Happy Hour for the Spiritually Curious Podcast

Join host, Dr. Sandra Marie, and friends, as they discuss the current state of spirituality. Guests share their “spiritual journeys”, personal gifts, favorite spiritual tools, and how the each have infused spirituality into their personal and professional lives.

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